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8 Important General Contracting Questions

Eight Questions To Ask Your Contractor


Whether it’s your first time looking for a general contractor or if you’ve tried multiple contractors with varying success, you should know what questions to ask your potential contractor. Here at Marcotte General Contracting, we’ve compiled the most important questions we feel you need answered before you get started hiring a general contractor. Read on to get started – and once you’ve reviewed the questions, check out our contracting services to see more about how we can help you!

1. What Type of Clients Do You Work With?

General Contractors often have specialties, although the best ones will take on any client or challenge. Always check with a potential contractor to see if they’re capable of fulfilling your needs. We at Marcotte General Contracting, for instance, specialize in commercial and industrial rehabilitation, construction, and remodeling. However, with 20 years of construction experience, we’re deft at employing logic and wisdom to get any sort of project done on time and within budget.

2. What’s Your History as a Contracting Business?

Don’t get stuck with an inexperienced contracting service or one with a spotty track record. Be forward and ask your potential contractor about their credentials. What past projects have they worked on and what was the success rate of those projects? You should also do your own research on the contractor’s website or the Better Business Bureau to verify what they tell you. As a trusted contractor, Marcotte General Contracting proudly displays our past and current projects on our website.

3. At What Locations Do You Provide Contracting Services?

When working in construction, location can obviously be a limiting factor. Don’t waste your time speaking to a contractor that doesn’t provide service where you need it; this should be one of the first questions you ask a potential general contractor. Some contractors are limited by location; however, some contractors like Marcotte General Contracting provide national services.

4. Who Will Be On Site, and How Will It Be Supervised?

In certain instances, your potential contractor may want to contract out the work themselves to subcontractors – this usually happens if the contractor doesn’t work in your area but doesn’t want to lose your business. While this may seem appealing, keep in mind that some contractors – such as Marcotte General Contracting – work nationally and never contract out your work to subcontractors. This means you’re guaranteed the quality and experience of the contractor you hired. With Marcotte General Contracting, you know the professionals on site are people you can trust.

5. How Much Does It Cost?

Cost varies from project to project and can be influenced by numerous factors. Consequently, you’ll have to speak with your contractor to determine the budget of your specific contracting needs. What’s important when figuring the cost of a project is open, honest communication. At Marcotte General Contracting, we work with every client to create the most cost-effective budget possible, and we always work within that budget to deliver high-quality results.

6. What Permits Do I Need?

A trustworthy contractor will make sure you get the permits you need to complete your desired project. Check with your potential contractor to ensure they’ve done their due diligence and that you’re within the regulations of your city, state, neighborhood, etc. Marcotte General Contracting will make sure your project conforms to all regulatory requirements so that the project runs smoothly and on time.

7. Will I Be Disrupted While You Work?

As a client, you want to ensure you’re able to go about your daily life or work uninterrupted while we complete your project. Confirm that your contractor won’t distract you with excessive noise or physical blockages before you agree to hire them. However, be aware that many contractors charge extra to work at odd hours to limit disruption. Fortunately, Marcotte General Contracting offers distraction-free services at no extra charge.

8. Do You Provide Maintenance Services Once the Project is Complete?

No one likes a company that doesn’t hold itself accountable for the quality of its work. However, the reality is not all organizations take steps to quality-control their services. Ask your contractor if they do routine maintenance on their projects after they’re complete, or if they just ride off into the sunset without so much as a glance back. If they don’t provide routine service, remember that Marcotte General Contracting is continually performing routine maintenance for our loyal customers. We take care of you, even after the project is “done.”

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