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Laird Norton Properties Joins the Chorus of Clients Singing Marcotte’s Praises

Integrity. Thoroughness. Thoughtfulness. These are all words that Audra Brown, a Property Manager at Laird Norton Properties, uses to describe Marcotte General Contracting’s work. Since meeting Luke Marcotte on a build site for A.Anthony — another one of Marcotte General Contracting’s clients — Brown has turned to us for numerous rehabilitation and general contracting projects.

Brown was kind enough to share her testimonial for why she chooses Marcotte General Contracting. Read on to learn how we’ve grown our relationship with Laird Norton Properties, as well as how you too can enjoy our dedicated contracting services.

Why Did You Choose Marcotte for Your Contracting Work?

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As a property manager at Laird Norton Properties, Brown is responsible for a very large industrial portfolio of privately held properties and the day-to-day operations of occupied and vacant buildings. She continually has a series of properties in need of rehabilitation before she can sell them and — at the recommendation of A.Anthony — Marcotte seemed to be the perfect candidate to take on the rehabilitation projects.

Marcotte General Contracting has completed numerous rehabilitation projects over the past year for Laird Norton, mostly preparing their abandoned buildings to go on the market. Brown quickly recognized how Marcotte’s attention to detail “goes above and beyond the expectations” and “uses rational thinking.”

As an example, Brown recounts how Marcotte often “sees something that wasn’t discovered on the first walkthrough” and instead of ignoring it, either “calls [her] if it’s outside the budget, or just takes care of it if it’s already within budget.” Marcotte General Contracting’s work ethic made them stand out in Brown’s eyes, leading to a deepening of our relationship with her and Laird Norton.

How Would You Describe Working with Marcotte?

When asked this question, Brown didn’t hesitate to say Marcotte is “a pleasure to work with.” Luke Marcotte and Marcotte General Contracting “basically coordinate everything,” so Laird Norton and Brown — and any of our other clients — can relax and trust us to get the job done right, on time, and within budget.

Marcotte’s willingness to take on smaller projects in order to build relationships also impressed Brown. She recognized that we “definitely [have] an elastic work range” and that we “won’t shy away” from projects big or small, complex or simple. “Some contractors aren’t willing to take those tiny jobs,” Brown said. “But Marcotte doesn’t have that attitude or philosophy.”

Brown and Laird Norton especially appreciated Marcotte General Contracting’s flexible working hours and willingness to travel. According to Brown, “There’s no place [Marcotte] won’t travel.” Although we’re centered in Dyer, Indiana, we’ve completed projects for Brown from Seattle, Washington to Topeka, Kansas and Kentucky. “My range is very wide,” says Brown, “and Marcotte is willing to work on anything wherever I need them.”

What Was Your Favorite Part About Working with Marcotte?

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Brown recommends Marcotte General Contracting for the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of the company. Marcotte “treats each job as if [they’re] going into the building [themselves],” says Brown.

We pride ourselves on performing thorough, thoughtful work within strict timeframes, and Brown has taken note of this. For simple clean-up jobs — such as repairing drywall or coordinating maintenance — Marcotte traditionally takes “Two to three weeks to get through the site from top to bottom.”

When a site has greater damage, Marcotte will probably take six to eight weeks to get the job done right. But regardless of the time it takes to complete a job, Brown compliments Marcotte’s expertise, saying that “no matter what need the building has, they will take care of it, no matter if it’s small or extremely large.”

Do You Have Plans for Future Projects with Marcotte?

While Laird Norton didn’t have any specific projects for us at Marcotte at the time of this interview, Brown emphasized that she considered the relationship with Marcotte General Contracting to be ongoing. “I request Marcotte on pretty much anything I can,” Brown said.

Our friendly, relationship-oriented business practice and expertise have both left impressions on Brown, and she praises us for being “Very easy and very knowledgeable about construction and projects.” Likewise, we look forward to working with Brown and Laird Norton Properties again!

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