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The Benefits of Nationwide Contracting Services from Marcotte General Contracting

Construction Worker holding helmetAlthough Marcotte General Contracting is smaller than most “major” contracting companies, our size doesn’t stop us from having a wide reach. We don’t mind traveling to perform our work – in fact, we enjoy it. We don’t think our talents should only be confined to Dyer, Indiana, so we make them available across the country. Read on to see why our coast-to-coast services are one of the top reasons to choose Marcotte General Contracting for your next project – and look over our FAQ page if you have any lingering questions.

Receive Personalized Services No Matter Where You Live

Depending on where you live, there may not be a “neighborhood” contractor you can reach out to in order to complete your rehabilitation or construction. So, we’d like you to consider Marcotte General Contracting your nationwide neighborhood contractor. No matter where or who you are, we aim to start and foster relationships with our clients.

As a family-owned business, we believe in open, honest, and friendly communication with every single one of our clients, and we hope to remain partners with them for years to come. Regardless of your location, we’ll consider you a part of our community and provide you with personal service.

Utilize a Single Contracting Agency for Multiple Sites

Many companies have offices and commercial or industrial buildings spread throughout the country. Rather than having a mess of different, less-skilled companies perform construction or rehabilitation work on your varied site locations, count on Marcotte to perform the work.

Obviously, we can’t always be multiple places at once – but we will travel to each of your sites when we can, and we will guarantee you receive that same Marcotte service every time. In the extremely rare instance when we are completely booked, we’ll reach out to a contractor we know and trust in your area to get the job done.

Forget “Where” – When Do You Want to Get Started?

If you have a pressing need for construction or rehabilitation work, reach out to Marcotte General Contracting today. Request a quote online, or call us at 219-595-2642.

"We don't cut corners, we clean 'em!"

15900 W 101st Ave, Dyer, IN 46311
Marcotte General Contracting


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