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Launch Digital Marketing’s CEO Commends Marcotte General Contracting’s Office Construction Work

WindowsLocated in Naperville, IL, Launch Digital Marketing’s spacious office exudes an open-minded aura, fostering an air of transparency and encouraging a free exchange of ideas. This office, built out in part by Marcotte General Contracting, creates the environment in which this rapidly growing agency has been able to thrive. Marcotte General Contracting’s work helps Launch attract talent, and it assists that talent in living up to its fullest potential for the continued success of the company.

So it should come as no surprise that Joe Chura, CEO of Launch Digital Marketing, has nothing but praise for Marcotte General Contracting. Joe was happy to speak to us about his experience, why he chose Marcotte, and his continued relationship with us. Read on to see why Joe chose Marcotte General Contracting, and check out our services to learn more about how Marcotte General Contracting can help you!

Why Choose Marcotte General Contracting?

For Joe Chura, Marcotte General Contracting was the only choice. Joe has known the owners of Marcotte for a long time, and he considers them long-time family friends. In addition to his personal connection, Joe respects Marcotte’s 20-plus years and talent in the construction industry.

When Launch Digital Marketing’s old offices became cramped, Marcotte was an obvious choice for Joe and his quickly expanding company.

How Did Marcotte General Contracting Help Bring Joe’s Vision to Life?

Launch Main RoomLaunch Digital Marketing’s office aligns with a very specific vision. Wide, open space. High ceilings. Large windows that let in natural light. This vision would ensure a happy, productive work environment, in which a fast-paced company like Launch Digital Marketing could continue to acquire and serve clients.

According to Joe, Marcotte General Contracting was crucial in constructing this vision. “Marcotte helped set up a foundation that was really in line with our vision. They were a very efficient partner,” Joe said. Best of all, Joe commended Marcotte General Contracting for helping to implement this vision without interrupting Launch Digital Marketing’s day-to-day work.

What Was the Best Part About Working with Marcotte?

In addition to being a partner in bringing the vision to life without disrupting work, Joe’s reason for appreciating Marcotte’s work is simple. “They just have a great attitude. They’re very accountable,” Joe said. Joe echoes Marcotte’s reputation for quality and contracting knowledge, but above all, he believes that their unfailing accountability makes Marcotte the best general contractor for any job.

Why Would You Recommend Marcotte to Others, and to Whom Would You Recommend Them?

Working on conference roomMarcotte General Contracting’s accountability is a product of their values. To explain Marcotte General Contracting’s reputation, Joe credits Marcotte’s status as a family-owned business that has provided construction services for over two decades. “They’re quick, diligent, and a pleasure to work with.” Whereas hiring a general contractor can be a pain with the wrong company, Marcotte’s strong ethic and friendly, caring staff makes the construction process a joy. Consequently, Joe says he would “highly recommend that businesses large and small reach out to Marcotte.” According to Joe, Marcotte lives up to its motto: “We don’t cut corners. We clean ’em!”

Does Joe Have a Continuing Relationship with Marcotte?

Of course, Joe is still friends with Marcotte’s owners, and he clearly thinks highly of their work. But a growing company often requires further services from a commercial contractor. So, as Launch Digital Marketing continues to expand its client and talent base, Joe says he has Marcotte General Contracting in mind for further office needs. “My first go-to would be Marcotte for any expansion,” Joe said without any hesitation.

Want What Launch Digital Marketing Got? Contact Marcotte General Contracting Today!

Launch Digital Marketing is just one of the companies Marcotte has helped to build a space in which they could succeed, and Joe Chura is just one of the many happy customers who speak highly of Marcotte.

We at Marcotte General Contracting construct commercial properties, build out industrial spaces, and do much, much more. Although we’re located in Dyer, Indiana, we serve people and businesses across the country. We always do work on location and never hand off projects to sub-contractors – so you are guaranteed to have the same great experience Joe Chura had. We’ll work overnight at no extra charge to make sure your business or life is not interrupted, and we’ll determine the best budget for your project and stick to it. Best of all, we’ll uphold our reputation as a family-owned, hard-working business that has many years of experience. If you have any contracting needs, contact us online or call us at 219-595-2642. We can’t wait to help you achieve your vision.

"We don't cut corners, we clean 'em!"

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