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Construction WorkersAt some point or another, the harsh bangs, clacks, and drills of construction work have likely jarred you awake from a peaceful sleep. And – we may be reaching here – but we bet that wasn’t a pleasant experience. Chances are, you’ve probably had this same experience outside your office window, your classroom, on your drive home – you get the idea.

We know from first-hand experience that our tools can be noisy, and this commotion can disrupt your workday and limit productivity. However, whereas other companies expect you to work around their schedule, we want to make our schedule work for you. At Marcotte General Contracting, we pride ourselves on completing your commercial, industrial, or personal project without disrupting your life – and our clients will attest to this. See why our flexible scheduling is just one of the reasons to choose us for your next project. And if you have any other questions in the meantime, check out our FAQ page.

Off-Hour Construction Work

We’re happy to work less-than-conventional hours to get your job done. While you’re compiling reports and having important meetings from 9 to 5, we’ll be busy preparing for when you leave the office. We don’t have to tell you that focusing can be difficult enough without constant noise in the office. Let us come in while you’re on your way out – and we’ll give you a friendly “have a nice night” as you head off home to relax.

Nighttime Construction

However, in our fast-paced, technology focused era, many companies don’t conform to the 9 to 5 schedule. If you’re office runs on more of a 9 to whenever schedule, we’ll gladly come in whenever is most convenient for you – whether that be in the dead of night or early morning. Best of all, we provide this flexibility free of charge, a true rarity in the contracting business.

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