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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas — Get Help from Marcotte General Contracting

Remodeled Kitchen

We know that Chicago area homeowners don’t always have the time or space necessary to remodel or expand their kitchen spaces, but that doesn’t have to stop you from having a beautiful and updated space. That is why we have put together a few kitchen remodeling ideas to help you make the most of the space you already have. Learn more here, and then reach out to Marcotte General Contracting to learn more about our services and other contracting tips.

Adding a Little Color

While homeowners in the more spacious Dyer area may be a little freer to remodel or change the structure of their home, it’s just as easy to work wonders without actually changing your space. Recoloring your current kitchen is a quick and easy way to instantly change the look of your home. If you’re just looking for a change, this is a cheap and simple way of making your old kitchen new again. Current color trends include all white and light brown toned kitchens, and these hip schemes will add that little bit of flair to your home.

Reface Your Cabinets

Like changing the color of your kitchen, refacing your cabinets is a quick and easy trick that takes the space you already have and simply updates it. Refacing your cabinets keeps things fresh while retaining the familiar space you’ve come to love. This project can include replacing the doors on your cabinets and drawers, but it can also be as simple as refinishing those surfaces.

Replace Your Countertops

This is a more labor intensive project, and it may require consulting with a general contractor. Picking a contractor is key to completing projects, and it’s important to find one that is well resourced and has the experience you need. — such as Marcotte General Contracting. We have the resources and staff to actually replace your countertops, and we will also get the job done quickly and effectively. Read our client testimonials from Launch Digital Marketing and Laird Norton Properties to see how we have helped clients in the past.

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