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Are you on the market for a general contractor who can deliver outstanding customer service, integrity, and trustworthiness? After all, there are a lot of general contractors out there that are what we call “fly-by-night” contractors — in other words, they’re just there to take your money.

With Marcotte General Contracting, earning your trust and completing your project with the utmost dedication to detail and excellence is our primary objective. We provide a wide range of general contracting services for our clients, including rehab, construction, and build-outs for industrial, commercial, and residential properties.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the services we offer, as well as a few of our significant projects. Then, see how you can add your name or business to this list of happy clients!

Topeka, Kansas Industrial Rehab Project


This project involved an extensive rehab of an industrial ProBuild facility. Our team worked around the clock to get the site up and running as quickly as possible, and we’re proud to have had the opportunity to serve such a great client. There are a couple of key rehab tasks we completed on this project that enabled us to achieve superior results, including extensive cleaning, material replacement, basic electrical work, and more.

Our full task list included over 50 items all aimed at completing the rehab ahead of schedule and under budget, thereby saving the client as much time and headache as possible. Our experience here demonstrates our ability to work across a number of different projects.

Launch Digital Marketing Office Construction Project

Working on conference room

Launch Digital Marketing is a digital marketing agency located in Naperville, IL. We had the opportunity to build a brand new office for the agency that would communicate its key tenets of transparency and free exchange. Joe Chura, CEO of Launch Digital Marketing, commended us on a job well done. Here’s how we accomplished our primary goal of exceeding our client’s expectation:

  • No Interruption of Daily Work: The agency was able to continue its work uninterrupted throughout the entirety of the construction project.
  • Design Principles: In keeping with the agency’s philosophy, we incorporated big windows, wide open spaces, and high ceilings.
  • Always Accountable: Throughout the project, we kept our client in the loop and moved forward step by step in complete agreement at all times.

Laird Norton Properties Ongoing Projects

Finished Apartment

Laird Norton Properties is a property management firm that often has to deal with complex situations involving rehabilitation and general construction work. They hold a portfolio of privately-held properties – both occupied and vacant buildings. The firm counts on us to get various types of jobs done, and over the years we’ve completed a number of successful rehabilitation projects for the company.

  • Rehabilitation Expertise: Laird came to us because of our expertise in conducting successful rehabilitation projects. We’re proud to offer our expertise to our valued clients like Laird Norton Properties, and we hope to have the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise to you as well.
  • No Cut Corners: When it comes to accomplishing a successful rehab engagement, the key focus is on not cutting corners. We’re making dwellings for people to live in, and we treat each and every project the same way we would treat our own homes. That keeps our interests aligned with our clients – and their clients, too.
  • Client Trust and Loyalty: Due to our successful projects, we’ve earned the trust of Laird Norton Properties, and we hope to work with them for many years to come.

Current Projects


Marcotte is currently providing general contracting services for the following key projects for our valued clients:

  • A rehab project for several locations nationwide for A. Anthony, ProBuild, and Laird Norton.
  • Industrial warehouse construction in Indiana.
  • Routine maintenance on several commercial properties, as well as concrete pool sandblasting.

Marcotte General Contracting: A General Contractor You Can Trust

If you’re on on the hunt for a contractor who can deliver results with absolute integrity, then you’re going to want to give us a call as soon as possible. Whether you’re looking to rehab a few apartment blocks or build a new warehouse form the ground up, we’re here to help you get the job done on time and on budget.

Get in touch with us today by clicking here – you can request a quote online or give us a call. You can also send us an email. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon and working together with you on your next project!

"We don't cut corners, we clean 'em!"

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