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Remodeling vs Renovation — Understanding the Differences

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Homeowners and commercial property owners sometimes embark on major general contracting projects before doing their research. Having the necessary information makes the project easier and it often leads to better results. That is why we are committed to providing customers from Dyer to Chicago and beyond with the information and resources they need to have their project done correctly. Before you start searching out contracting services for your next project, learn whether you’re looking to have renovation or remodeling done on your property with help from Marcotte General Contracting.


Renovation is any attempt to update or repair a property or part of a property. This is a broad term, as it can mean anything from a minor alteration, such as a finish of a bathroom sink, to a major project, such as a repair and update of an entire kitchen or room. Renovation is a broad term that encompasses a large variety of updates, and Marcotte General Contracting is well versed in both home renovation and commercial renovation.


Remodeling is a more precise term, as it refers specifically to an attempt to fundamentally alter the current structure of a property. This can mean expanding a room, adding a new one, or combining or separating a pair of already existing rooms. While renovation projects may be relatively simple, remodeling typically require much more time, energy, and resources.

Why is it Important to Know the Difference?

Most people use the terms interchangeably, and for most people this does not present any issues. But, as you can see, there is a distinction between the two, and knowing the difference is important when consulting a contractor. Having clearly defined terms gives your contractor an instant idea of the kind of project you have in mind, allowing them to better prepare.

Many renovation projects are possible to do yourself, but the same is often not true for remodeling projects. Those projects are much bigger, and they require a contractor with the skill, staff, experience, and resources necessary to get it done. Consulting a contractor is an important first part of a project.

We want these projects to be as easy as possible for property owners from Hammond to the greater Chicago region, and knowing how to best describe your goal is a great first step. Clear communication is one of the many reasons clients across the country — from Chicagoland to Seattle — have chosen Marcotte General Contracting for their project needs.

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