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Commercial Rehabilitation in Topeka, Kansas— Our Work Speaks for Itself


Marcotte General Contracting, a full-service contractor based out of Dyer, Indiana, can help you accomplish any kind of job in any location, even large-scale projects multiple states away. We are equipped to handle commercial rehabilitation projects, industrial build-outs, and virtually any other general contracting need.

Our satisfied clients — from Chicagoland to Seattle — repeatedly choose us because of our expertise in the area of commercial rehabilitation. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Take a look at our recent work in Topeka, Kansas and let the results speak for themselves.

Before Our Work

As you can see, before we arrived, the building was worn and dirty. Metal around the exterior had begun to rust, the exterior walls had been dented in in several places, and the grounds had not been maintained. Grass was coming up through cracks in the parking lot.

Inside, ceiling tiles were missing, while others were stained. The floor had been pulled up, and it had been marked up and covered in dirt. Many of the lightbulbs were burnt out, and the remaining fixtures didn’t match the walls. The walls had also been torn up and many of them had been replaced with plywood.

Voila! — The Magic of Marcotte

Following our work, the site looked brand new. We replaced the burnt out lightbulbs and the ceiling tiles, and we cleaned and re-carpeted the floor. We patched up damaged walls, and we swept up debris and removed out of place fixtures. We even finished some drywall that was previously unfinished, and installed new metal siding around the exterior. Performing each of these repairs, we restored the site its original condition. As a result, the building looks brighter, cleaner, and sharper.

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15900 W 101st Ave, Dyer, IN 46311
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