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Repair vs. Replace: What Do I Need to Do to My Roof?

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You might be sitting here with a slow drip leaking from your roof into your kitchen or bedroom, and you might be asking yourself: “Do I need to replace my roof completely or can I just repair this leak?” You’re not alone in wondering this, which is why we’ve compiled a number of reasons why you would choose to repair vs. replace. Take a look now at some of the explanations before you decide if you need to hire a general contractor.

Repairing Damages or Leaks

Just because you have a missing shingle or a leak doesn’t mean you have to replace the whole thing. Torn or damaged shingles can easily be replaced so check the rest of the roof to make sure the damage is in one spot and the rest of the roof is in good condition. If it’s localized, then you’ll likely be able to fix this by replacing the shingles. Keep in mind if the area is too large, you may have to consider reroofing or a partial reroof.

Reroofing vs. Recovering

You may need to reroof or recover your roof even if the damaged area is small under the following conditions:

  • The roof is older than 25 years

  • The other shingles are curling or buckling

  • The chimney flashing is made of roof cement or tar

  • You can see daylight through your roof boards from the inside

These are all major red flags that will help you determine whether the problem is more severe.

Once you’ve figured out that a simple repair isn’t going to cut it, then you’ll need to figure out if you need a reroof or a recovering. The difference comes down to building codes and cost. If you only have single-layer shingles, then by law you can recover over that layer, which will save you money from not having to pull off the old layer. But if you have two layers or more, then by law you must tear off the old roof and put a brand-new roof on—which will cost significantly more.

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