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EIFS vs. Stucco


  Contact Us   From looking at the exterior of a home, it can be quite difficult to tell the difference between stucco and an EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System). They look very similar because an EIFS is covered in a similar material to what stucco looks like. Before you decide whether EIFS is… Read more »

Which Shingle Type is Best for Your Home?

Fixing Roof

  Contact Us   It is important to understand what your roof is made of because it is the main thing that protects you from the harsh elements of Mother Nature. There are many different options when it comes to shingle types, and understanding which is the best choice for your home is crucial to… Read more »

How Much Will It Cost to Replace My Roof?

Working On roof

  Contact Us   You might have already noticed that it’s time to repair or replace your roof because you’ve seen one of the 5 signs of a bad roof or because you have a steady leak that just won’t go away. Either way, you know it’s time and now you’re preparing for how much… Read more »

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15900 W 101st Ave, Dyer, IN 46311
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