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For the handy homeowner, some jobs don’t require a contractor. However, that can be difficult to determine until you’re in the middle of a project that has become too overwhelming. After years of research and practice, we’ve rounded up some of the best books for contractors that construction contractors like ourselves have used to become experts in our trade. If you think your idea is too difficult to conquer on your own, you can always hire Marcotte General Contracting — your trusted contractors in Dyer, IN.

Our Favorite Resources

When it comes to contracting projects, these are the books we recommend to explain some of the DIY knowledge that contractors can vouch for.

  • Building Construction: Project Management, Construction Administration, Drawings, Specs, Detailing Tips, Schedules, Checklists and Secrets Others Don’t Tell You by Gang ChenThis is an excellent resource to show how running a construction business works, how much work is distributed among how many workers, and how to organize a project in a way that helps you get things done in a timely fashion.
  • Code Check Complete: An Illustrated Guide to the Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical Codes by Redwood Kardon, Douglas Hansen, and Paddy MorrisseyWhen you’re not a contractor, it can be a real headache making sure that everything you’re working on in your own home is up to code. That’s why this book is so helpful, covering every type of work you could be dreaming up.
  • Construction Planning, Equipment, and Management by R.L. Peurifoy: This book starts from the bottom up, detailing what you need to conquer a variety of home projects from materials to equipment, helping you measure what’s in your budget both money and timewise.

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